Wednesday, 8 May 2013

So May is here and the sun has shone (a bit!!)

Here in Brighton the May Festival is in full swing.  The children's parade was the usual colourful mass of excitement - it really is the parade the weather can not spoil!

The first weekend of Artists Open House saw many visitors to JAG Gallery on Madeira Drive in Brighton and my Resonance Exhibition met with good reactions.  My exhibition continues throughout May.  I am at the gallery most days so if you come in and I am not downstairs just ask for me and I will pop down to see you.  The only exceptions are 11th May and 16th-19th May when I will be away from the Gallery.  

16th-19th May I will be at Craft Central for Made in Clerkenwell, this is a big step for me because I will be displaying my tapestry kits and printed homewares alongside my bespoke stitching (I'm covering all the bases!!).  I am just working out where to put everything and as usual worrying that I will have too much or too little to display.  I will be selling my kits and my Use Your Stash range, I'm really looking forward to it!

JAG Gallery Artists are being promoted throughout May, here is my entry into their hall of fame!!  Louisa White is a fantastic Artist and so it is great to be on the same page as her!

JAG Gallery Artists Louisa White and Tina Francis - copyright 2013

Just one last thing if you do come down to see me at Clerkenwell be sure to visit The Big Forest they have a new bear and he is an astronaut!!!! Hope to see you there!

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