Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Thanks to Manchester!

Tina Francis - mandalas

I had a fantastic time at ICHF Stitching and Sewing Show in Manchester last week.  I have never exhibited there before but will definitely be back.  I was made to feel very welcome by everyone especially Val Hughes who was my next door neighbour for the duration. We had a fair few laughs mainly about how we couldn't have a chat because of the amount of people on our stands!
This was my first solo show since being away ill last year and so I was a little nervous about how I would hold up! But I did and really enjoyed my time there.
Manchester seemed to especially like "Use Your Stash" and so I had many conversations with people about their stashes, inherited stashes and how one loft is just not big enough! Many people set off home with a pattern and the promise yo use what they already have and to send me an image once they have finished. I am looking forward to seeing what comes through.
The plastic canvas circles are becoming more and more popular and another way to "Use Your Stash" for not much outlay. I heard about 3d dragons being made from plastic canvas and also keepsake boxes. I am definitely going to be producing more patterns and examples on plastic canvas this year.
My next show is Craft 4 Crafters in Exeter, again another show that I have not done before.  I am on the stand with Brenda Kiligrew of IDC Redditch, we will be talking about our Textiles CPD course and City and Guilds 7168 as well as all the other workshops available at IDC. It will be great to see you there and talk all things stitch. 
I am busy preparing for an exhibition at the end of March called "Where Wool Meets..", I am really lucky to be exhibiting with two great friends Suraya Hossain and Judith Watson, there is a lot of work left to do but knowing I will be exhibiting with them is pushing my on.
Thanks for looking after me everyone!
Happy Stitching!