Monday, 28 January 2013

Latest Commission

It's always nice to work on a commission for a family member.  Now I am from quite a large family so I'll just say my cousin has recently finished her nursing degree and is taking up her first post in March.  She has worked for the NHS for many years and decided to change tack and become a nurse.  Well done her!!!

She met many wonderful people on her course and one friend in particular.  She asked me to design and stitch a piece of tapestry for this friend that included the quote "to unpathed waters, undreamed shores" it's from A Winters Tale.

Here is my design, I wanted to put something into it that represented the nursing community that she and her friend are now joining.  I looked up nursing symbols and chose the one that has two serpents and wings, this is an international symbol so in order to bring it back home I added a small yellow light to represent Florence Nightingales lamp.

Nurse Symbol

Tapestry Design

The stitched piece will be perfect to make into a lumbar cushion for a hard working nurse to rest on when she finishes her shift or will be framed, it's up to my cousin to decide after all she is the customer!!!

It's a really simple design but it means so much - I am currently stitching it up and maybe, just maybe I'll stitch a secret one for my cousin as well  but probably in cross stitch for framing.

Happy Stitching!!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

So that was Christmas and new year then!!!!  Have been working on a rather large tapestry for an exhibition that I am in March.  The piece is 100cm by 70cm, I really enjoyed stitching it but it really did take over so much so that I am only just getting round to realising it is 2013!  The show that I am in called 13 Women and is being held at Brighton Library, for those of you who do not know this building it is relatively new and has floor to ceiling windows, the works are all 100cm by 70cm and will be hung in the window space.  here is a link for the show and my profile page