Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Trying to stitch time!!!

Elisabeths Mum - Tina Francis 2017

I am back on the gallery trail next week when I will be part of a really exciting exhibition called "Where wool meets....". I am exhibiting with two other makers Suraya Hossain and Judith Watson both of whom use wool or its related machinery in their practices.
Suraya knits with wire and produces the most exquisite jewellery, she also uses wool in her knitting kits. I am really excited to see Surayas main piece in the exhibition which is a knitted wire skirt that includes swarovski crystals.  It is a major feat of both knitting and engineering, here is a sneak peak
Suraya Hossain - 2017

Judith combines knitting, tufting and weaving in her practice and is particuarly interested in rare breed wools. She has been very busy collecting samples from rare breeds around the UK and will be displaying where the wool has come from in one of her pieces, for now hers a taste of how she uses texture!
Judith Watson 2017

We are collaborating on a central piece for the exhibition too which has really stretched me so it will be very interesting see how it works.

Our exhibition will open on 27th March and close on 2nd April, you can find us at 33-35 St John's Square, Clerkenwell, London EC1M 4DS, hope to see you there!