Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Colour it's where it's at!

Journey - Tina Francis 2013

I had a fantastic time in Edinburgh at the Fringe Festival, it is pretty full on and so I really enjoyed time out at Dovecot Studios  viewing their latest exhibitions.  Dovecot is such a great place to visit and watch other people working!!  I was really inspired by the Artists Rugs exhibition it rekindled my love of colour!!

Back in Brighton I decided to take a look at other people that enjoy colour as much as I do and found kindred spirits in Will at Bright Bazaar and Tina at Colour Living.  The Bright Bazaar blog is a great place to start your working week as the inspiration provided by Wills "10 Things I Learned and Loved this Weekend" will see you through the Monday blues (and yellows and reds!).  Tina at Colour Living was already on to a winner by sharing "my" name, her site is packed full of inspiration, ideas and most importantly beautiful book recommendations, take a look next time you have some time.

Speaking of colour take a look at the beautiful logo from Luke Insect for the Lewes Art Fair, I love the simplicity of the design and the colours used.
I have stand at Lewes Art Fair this Saturday 24th August which also sees the start of the Artwave Festival.  If you around Lewes way why not pop in and say hello?

So what is next on the horizon?  I am in an exhibition called Down to the Bone in September, the piece at the top of this blog will be for sale.  It's called Journey because so often we look at the outside of a person or an animal and think everything is fine but look underneath and you really get to understand where they have come from.  The piece is the front and back of my stitching and will also be available as a print.

Knitting and Stitching Show is fast creeping up but more of that in the next blog.

Happy Colourful Stitching!