Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Great Yorkshire Showground!

So it feels longer than a week ago that I left Harrogate after attending my first British Craft Trade Fair.  I was in the newcomers gallery and had great company over the weekend from my fellow exhibitors.  My next door neighbour was Maragret Glackin a fantastic ceramicist, her original glazes all have names that reflect her memories and future ambitions.  The whole stand was put together really well with the bespoke furniture from a local artisan enhancing but never detracting from the work.  I am looking forward to seeing Margaret at Yarndale and hope to have a stand there too.

My other neighbours all had great work and the good thing about being in the newcomers area was that we could all help each other and share the experience.  Alanna Scobie from Buzby Brown was showing quirky architectural prints on cushions and scarves with a few cheek badges thrown in.  Justine Nettletons love of nature and line can be seen in all her illustrated products, simple seed heads dance with colour her company Art You Wear is worth a browse if you want a gift for a nature loving pal.  I for one am very excited to see what comes out her studio next as she has just bought a new sewing machine and intends to use stitch in her work in the future. Nature is also key to the work of Liz Samways of Inkly Linkly her copper and silver pieces enhanced with etched line are like hanging a work of art around your neck, beautiful sympathetic work where craft and material combine.  As with any fair days seem to stretch and so we were all ready for a relaxing drink by the end of the evening and what better way to celebrate our success than with dressed up glasses! My final neighbour Helen of Made with Felt produces a really cute line of felt wine glass slippers just the thing for a celebration!

The fair was a good one for me to attend as it showed just how many talented artisans we have in this country and it made me feel a little less alone! The Great Yorkshire Show Ground is a great venue even if it is a little bit like the countryside for this urban gal!  Special thanks to my dear friend Suraya Hossain of Mahliqa Knitted Wire Jewellery who was my partner in crime and shoulder to cry on in many of the eateries around the town. Also to Nettie Birch of Ng Jewellery who was a comical voice of reason and a pleasure to be around. 

I am moving studios over Easter and so will be reporting from The Custard Factory when next we meet!