Monday, 30 April 2012

Well time has well and truly marched on since my last blog!!!! Brighton May Festival starts this weekend and my open house will be open from 11:30 until 16:00 each day, at all other times you will be able to find me at my workspace in JAG Gallery on Madeira Drive in Brighton along with many other talented artists.  JAG is also part of the Open House Trail take a look  if you are down Brighton way.

It is all very exciting getting my house together for the festival, I am only using my very small front room and it is taking over my life I really don't know how people are brave enough to open the whole house!

Here's my Pavilion Tops tapestry print outside the Pavilion earlier today, see you soon!!!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

One Stitch at a Time

Well I am getting very excited about my first open house in Brighton this May.

Every year around 220 artists open their doors and display their own and other artists artwork.

As this is my first open house I will just be exhibiting my own tapestry designs and kits in my very small (but bijoux!!!) living room.  On display there will be Brighton Pavilion Tops kit, Mini Welsh kits and the super large prints of some of my second-hand wool designs.

Over the coming weeks I will post pics of the designs and of the room when it is ready for business.

Looking forward to seeing you there at venue C6, 10 Foundry Street Brighton BN1 4AT.

In the meantime take a look at the venues opening this year in sunny old Brighton town