Friday, 24 May 2013

Last weekend in May!!

This weekend sees the last chance to view my exhibition Resonance.  This exhibition features my tapestry needlepoint using secondhand wools and is based on how many years ago I was told that "colour is a killer".  Now we all know which colours we like and we all have colours we love to wear and so maybe there is some truth in it. I have trouble with blue, I know it's the colour of the sky and the sea but it sometimes fills me with dread when I look in my secondhand wool box and find so much blue to use up!  

Talking of Blue if you are in Brighton this weekend after visiting me (!) why not head to Fabrica and see Karina Kaikonnens exhibition "The Blue Route" where she has filled the old church with shirts, shirts and more shirts.  Also alongside this exhibition artist in residence Stig Evans will continue to compile names for the colour blue.  So maybe blue really is the colour in Brighton this weekend!

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