Monday, 28 August 2017

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Stirchley Big Stitch

I've been quite busy behind the scenes this year working on some community projects. The one I'd like to talk about this time is the Big Stirchley Stitch at Stirchley Baths. This is a heritage project lasting until the beginning of 2018, rather than history from the centuries ago this project celebrates near history, ie history from within our own lifetimes.
When Stirchley Baths closed in 1988 there was a painting in the swimming pooel that had been painted by the caretaker Paul to cover the ugly scaffolding, we will be replicating this image in stitch!!!! Above is my stich model for the final piece which will measure 2 metres (yep 2 metres!) by 1 metre ish!!! So far we have had over 70 people add to the project, we are completing it like a mosaic so each person can stitch a small piece to contribute to the whole. Its a big project but it really has captured the imagination of all who have contributed. I will be running regular stitching sessions at Stirchley Baths on the following dates at 11-2 :-
18th September, 16th October, 20th November, 18th December. To celebrate Birmingham Heritage Week I will be at the baths on 10th September all day.

As well as working on community projects I ran another successful Jewellery Quarter Open Studios in July it was our third year and we had so many great visitors, the event really is in peoples calendars now. I will be opening my studio on 9th and 10th December this year as part of our Winter Open Studios event so if you missed me this time round then please put this date in your diary ready for the festive season! I will be featuring some great makers from around the Jewellery Quarter and Birmingham.

The summer really has just slipped by! But another really exciting event was the launch of XStitch Magazine, I am a contributor to this magazine along with some fantastic stitch artists. It has been great to see just how all of our work uses stitch and relies on the traditional to create the cutting edge. You can buy a copy here and see so many designs that will make you see stitch in a different light.
so on to the Autumn shows and my return to Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace, I had to miss it last year because of ill health so I am really looking forward to coming back. I will be in the Textile Gallery with many new products. I have two new printed canvas designs and many more counted designs to bring to the show as well as my new "Framed" line which includes everything you need to stitch a fantastic design and hand it on your wall! Here's some snaps!
Mid Century Library Tina Francis 2017
"Framed" Rainbow Tina Francis 2017

Finally! I am starting to run workshops from my studio, the first one is called Canvas Compendium, its a one day workshop and you will leave with knowledge about canvas work stitches, a small set of samples and ideas about how to use the stitches on commercial printed canvas designs. I am starting small and will then be building on the workshops eventually having weekly workshops and studio drop ins.

Quite a bit to report there! Happy Stitching to those that have stayed with me until the end of this blog!!!

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