Monday, 5 October 2015


So I am ready and raring to go to the first large fair of the Autumn, Knitting and Stitching Show Alexandra Palace opens on 7th October and runs for 5 days.  It's a great show and those of you who read this blog reguarly will know that I really enjoy doing it.
This year as well as the larger kits and patterns I am going all out into the tiny world of 15 stitch squares!  These patterns fit perfectly into our brooch findings but why stop there?  4 squares stitched into a larger square gives you a pin cushion sized front, increase the design to 12 by 12 squares and you have got the makings of a lovely cushion front!  Real stash busters!

Whilst developing the small square patterns I have been trying them out using cross stitch on Aida and Binca - yep I'm bringing Binca back, whilst I am pretty new to the cross stitch world I know that there are many talented stitchers out there that will love the brooch findings to add their own designs to or to use with our patterns.  A good pattern translates and fits its space and so take a look at the examples below of how I have used one of the Inca Patterns on different canvas counts and wood!

You can buy the wooden blank from The Bellwether and I just love them, expect to see me sporting this one at the show on stand TGC9!

My experimenting with the brooch finding ends there, as you know I am a lover of the grid and so the brooch kits and findings I sell are always square - but hey there are different shapes in the world and also different techniques.  I am really looking forward to seeing how Golden Hinde will be using these findings in the round and the square.  A regular at all the large shows, educators, demonstrators and innovators in the world of gold work their stand is always shiney and welcoming. They have so many findings, kits, threads and wires that it really would be hard to know where to start if it wasn't for their fantastic demonstrations and really cheerful knowledge.  They have chivvied me along at many a show and I am always happy knowing they are around. Be sure to visit them on stand O5 in the main hall (I know most of you do already!) and bask in the golden glow. I'll put an image up of their brooches during the show.

So whether you like squares or circles, surface embroidery, goldwork or tapestry (go on!) there will be something for all of you at the show please say hi when you pass by!

Happy Stitching

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