Monday, 3 March 2014

Moving on up!!

So I have completed my very first trade fair! After a few wobbles (thanks Wendy Hope-Falkner of One Off Needlework for helping calm me down!) I was ready to meet the buyers.  I was on the Bright Sparks Pavilion which showcases new to trade companies, it was great to meet so many people in the same boat. The organisers ICHF really took the time to make sure all of us newbies were okay and gave helpful advice during the event.

I was pleased with my stand and also with the responses to my designs, I took some orders and am following up on leads this week.  I met some great people who work in the tapestry world who gave me some great advice and also gave me the confidence to really go for it.  

Well that was two weeks ago now and I suppose you are wondering why I am only posting about it now, well in the meantime I have moved from Brighton to Birmingham. Having been in the same house for 14 years the task of packing up seemed to take an age and the unpacking still has not been completed.  It's amazing how much room wool can take up!  I left Birmingham as a snarling nineteen year old know it all and am returning as a middle aged woman who stitches for a living, I think I will see some changes!!!  It is very exciting re-discovering a place you think you know and I will be blogging about it (hilariously) soon on another site. There is so much going on here I have hardly had time to send out orders, but all that will change now that I am back to the tapestry grindstone.

Until next time happy stitching!

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