Friday, 5 July 2013

Meeting and greeting!

I had a great time at Fusion at West Dean College, it was a fantastic venue with so much to see and do.  The weather was a little bit of a problem but what can you do?  I was in a small marquee with two other makers which was open to the elements!!  There were food stands, craft stalls, maker displays, drop in classes and much more, I can really see this event growing and growing. I met lots of great people interested in stitch and will definitely be back there next year.

Meeting people who love stitch is the highlight of any show for me being a maker sometimes means lots of hours alone with the radio so it was a great surprise when I had a knock on the door this morning. Standing on the doorstep were the Shermans wondering whether they could see my work - what an honour!  Sam Sherman is a keen stitcher and so I took them down to the Gallery and showed them my wares and talked about stitch for a while.  Sam bought two of my "Use Your Stash" patterns and will be taking them back with her when she returns to the States.  As you can tell this really made my day!  But I think that I need to keep my studio a little tidier in the future!

Meeting people who make for a living is hard even in a small town like Brighton so I am really pleased that some local makers have got together to create the Brighton Etsy group.  Their window display can be seen at Super and Super.  A lot of energy is going into this group with a mentoring programme being run in July, check them out if you are a maker in Brighton.

At the start of this week The Big Forest issued a challenge, this challenge is to remain positive.  It's hard to do sometimes but when you start getting out there meeting and greeting and the sun is shining you just can't help yourself!

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